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Selenium is a library or a collection of classes, interfaces and methods, a project that is already built by some company and is ready for us to use in our project. Before we start working on Selenium we should understand how API works and how we can access functionality from the APIs.

Selenium is an open source library for automating web application testing across multiple browsers. Selenium interacts with a browser as people do: by clicking links, filling out forms and validating text. It is the most popular tool for web application test automation. Selenium is built on the WebDriver framework and has excellent bindings for numerous scripting languages, including Ruby.

In this training participants combine the power of Ruby with Selenium to automate the testing of a sample web application. By learning to create and combine Ruby test scripts with Selenium web automation in a live lab environment, participants will gain the knowledge and practice needed to automate the testing of their own real life web applications and websites.

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